Laura Hatfield, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Care Policy (Biostatistics), Harvard Medical School

Dr. Hatfield's research focuses on trade-offs and relationships among health outcomes. In particular, she develops and applies statistical methods that incorporate multiple sources of information and relationships among outcomes. She has particular expertise in Bayesian hierarchical modeling. Dr. Hatfield received her BS in genetics from Iowa State University and her PhD in biostatistics from the University of Minnesota. Web Email Twitter

Sherri Rose, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Care Policy (Biostatistics), Harvard Medical School

Broadly, Dr. Rose’s methodological research focuses on nonparametric estimation in causal inference and machine learning for prediction.  Within health policy, she works on risk adjustment, health care program impact evaluation, and comparative effectiveness research. Dr. Rose received her BS in statistics from The George Washington University and her PhD in biostatistics from the University of California, Berkeley. Web Email Twitter


Nina Joyce, PhD, National Institute of Mental Health Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Joyce's work focuses on pediatric pharmacoepidemiology, with a special interest in pharmacotherapy for mental health conditions. Her current projects include an analysis of the effect of a global insurance payment structure on rates of utilization and measures of health care costs for mental health conditions in children and adolescents.  She received her BA in Biology and Community Health and MPH from Tufts University, and her PhD in Epidemiology from Brown University. Web Email

A.J. Rosellini, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Boston University

Dr. Rosellini's research focuses on psychological and environmental factors that predict development and persistence of anxiety and mood disorders and methods to improve assessment and classificaition of anxiety and mood disorders. Dr. Rosellini did psyciatric epidemiology research as a postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School. He received his BA in psychology and PhD in clinical psychology from Boston University. Web Email

Megan Schuler, PhD, Marshall J. Seidman Fellow in Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Schuler is working on causal inference and techniques to optimize medical treatment decisions based on multiple patient outcomes and patient preferences. She received her BS in mathematics from Tulane University, an MS in biostatistics from the Medical University of South Carolina, and her PhD in mental health from the Johns Hopkins University. Web Email


Christine Baugh, Health Policy PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Christine is currently examining adverse events from post-approval medical devices and resultant hospital and regulatory decision-making. The bulk of Christine’s work to-date, has focused on concussion and traumatic brain injury in athlete populations. She has an AB in history and science from Harvard College and an MPH in health law, bioethics, and human rights from Boston University. Web Email Twitter

Savannah Bergquist, Health Policy PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Savannah is currently working on assessing risk adjustment methods applied in the ACA Marketplaces and Medicare Advantage. She is interested in how sample selection affects prediction, particularly for subgroups such as users of mental health services. She is also interested in reproducible research. Savannah graduated from Georgetown University with an AB in Political Economy and then pursued an MSc in Health, Population, and Society from the London School of Economics. Web Email Twitter

Jean Biniek, Health Policy PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Jeannie's research interests revolve around issues affecting access to and choice of health insurance coverage, the cost of health care services, and the growth in health care spending. Jeannie received her BA in economics from UCLA and MA is applied economics from Johns Hopkins University.

Jamie Daw, Health Policy PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Jamie's current research explores the selection of an appropriate control group for policy and program evaluations. She is also interested in the effects of emerging health insurance designs on health care access and health outcomes. Jamie received her BHSc from McMaster University and an MSc in population and public health with a speciality in health services and systems from the University of British Columbia.  Web Email Twitter

Anas El Turabi, Health Policy PhD Candidate, Harvard University

Anas's work looks at continuity of care and the effect of financial incentives in primary care. He also maintains an interest in global health, particularly the economics of infectious disease crises and global responses to pandemic risk reduction. He is a primary care physician, having received his BA and MD from Oxford University and completed his masters degree and residency at Cambridge University. Web Email Twitter

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Rebecca Gourevitch, Research Assistant, Harvard Medical School

Rebecca is a research assistant in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School, and will be a PhD student in the evaluative science & statistics track of the health policy program at Harvard beginning Fall 2017. Her primary research interests are in health care consumerism, including the impacts of health care quality and price information on patient choice. Rebecca received her BA from Carleton College and a master of science in health policy & management from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Web Email Twitter

Kate Lofgren, Health Policy PhD Student, Harvard University

Kate’s current research focuses on quantifying the trade-offs in complex health system decisions with long expected time horizons. She is also interested in the development and improvement of decision science research methods. Kate received her BA from Smith College and MPH from the University of Washington while a Post-Bachelor Fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Web Email Twitter

Alex McDowell, Health Policy PhD Student, Harvard University

Alex is a 1st year PhD student with prior research experience on quality measurement in accountable care organizations and transgender health curriculum integration. She graduated with a BA in women's and gender studies from Georgetown University and then received her BS in nursing, MS in community public health nursing, and MPH, all from Johns Hopkins University. Web Email


Ian Nason

Ian was a 2016 summer visitor to Harvard working on the use of ensembling techniques for cardiovascular risk score prediction. He is interested in the integration of machine learning methods for applied health econometrics, with a focus on mental health research. Ian graduated from Mount Allison University with a BA in economics and earned an MSc in international health policy (health economics) from the London School of Economics. Web

Akritee Shrestha

Akritee has interests in data science and wrote her thesis on mental health risk adjustment with clinical confounders and machine learning, where she applied ensembling techniques for prediction in electronic health record data. Akritee graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in chemistry/mathematics and has a master's degree in biostatistics from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Web